Fire Graphics Upgrade at Crown Melbourne

Client Representative, Design Manager and Project Manager.

Crown Melbourne

Elite Fire, EPMC


Responsible for design, documentation and delivery of the Fire Graphics System Upgrade. The project involved the upgrade to the outdated and non-current Fire Graphics System to a new Simplex Trusite system


Prepare business case justification for works in order to apply for capital works expenditure to complete the project

Establishing the devices connected to the current system and identifying any devices  or areas that require to be addressed or added to the graphics via audit

Consultation with the users to determine additional information that should be included on the new graphics system, for example stair numbering, fire hose reel and hydrant locations

Confirmation and adding any new smoke zones or sprinkler zones to the graphics

Installation and networking of new  screens in the Maintenance Managers office and Fire Control Room (Disaster Recovery Room)


Determining new information that was to be added to the graphics and identifying the accuracy and location of these additional items

Ensuring continuity of operation during the works and post completion

Training of in-house engineering staff