SCADA/PLC Upgrade at Crown Melbourne

Client Representative, Design Manager and Project Manager

Crown Melbourne

Systems Insight, EPMC


Responsible for design, documentation and delivery of SCADA and PLC upgrade complex wide. The project involved the upgrade of the SCADA and PLC upgrade serving Crowns tri-generation plant (6 x 1.1 Mw Gas fired Gensets). The system was 18 years old and was no longer supported with parts now redundant. The SCADA controls all load shedding during power failure and both HV and LV reticulation throughout the site. 


Installation of new duplicated backbone Ethernet, 2km in length to link all existing and new PLC’s

New Master and Standby Master PLC

Staged cut-over of 39 PLC’s throughout the complex

New SCADA and re-programming of load shed table

Project staged over 2.5 years with planned testing

Managing and co-ordinating  “Single Feeder Failures” which involves the simulation of power failure on the site whilst the gen-sets are idle (not running) and hot (running)


Staged cut-overs and works taking place in 24 / 7 facility

Simulated power failures on site to test the new system – High Risk

Negotiation with relevant authorities for simulated shutdowns

Rigorous individual testing of each of the 39 PLC’s between 3am – 5am weekly for 12 months

High risk, high profile project within the organisation