Westside Place – 10 Year Maintenance Plan

Project Manager 

Far East Consortium



West Side Place (WSP) is a premier development located at the junction of Spencer Street and Lonsdale Street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This billion-dollar development spans over 97,000 square meters of floor space and is developed by Far East Consortium (FEC). The project was first envisioned in 2013 and has since made significant progress.

The first stage of WSP, features over 1,300 apartments across two towers. The first half of Tower 1 will be home to a prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel and offers over 250 rooms, a business center, and a grand ballroom.

The second stage of the development adds 1,500 apartments across two towers with retail arcades at the podium level. This stage  features Tower 3-Park, which houses a 4-star Dorsett Hotel with 316 rooms. With its prime location, modern amenities, and luxurious accommodations, WSP is a sought-after development that promises to offer residents and guests the ultimate urban lifestyle experience.


Comprehensive asset register review. This includes equipment, facilities, infrastructure, and any other relevant components. 

Thorough condition assessment to evaluate current state and identify potential risks or maintenance needs.

Prioritisation of assets based on criticality and potential risks such as impacts of asset failures on safety, operations, and productivity. This helps allocate funding efficiently and address high-priority items first, reducing the likelihood of major disruptions.

Review of maintenance strategies tailored to each asset type or category. This includes preventive maintenance schedules, predictive maintenance techniques, routine inspections, and any other appropriate methodologies. 

Estimation of the required budgets to execute the maintenance plan effectively. 

Implementation of a robust monitoring system to track the progress of the maintenance plan over the 10-year period.